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Doing the Rounds At JVA International Conference

MR Ndlovu Takes Centre Stage

Training Update

2015 was very much the ‘year of the trainer’ with close on 150 training courses being conducted country wide and overseas.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of training officer Gavin Bulford

and in Cape Town Paddy O’Brien, CCTV specialist D.J. Wills

and Roboguard specialist Lucas Scheepers, many hundreds of

installers are better equipped to perform their tasks. For further

information on training dates, venues and topics, contact your

nearest Stafix centre.

Rumbling onto the show circuit this year came Mr Ndlovu (elephant in Zulu).

Having already appeared at Nampo in the Free State, the Pietermaritzburg Royal Show and the Tribune Garden Shows in KZN, Mr Ndlovu is set to make many more appearances around the country where he will undoubtedly draw much interest to stands utilizing his services.

Askari Outdoor Motion Detector

Into Africa JVA International Conference - Zebula

JVA International hosted its first International Distributors’ Conference at the luxury Zebula Game and Golf Estate outside Bela Bela in South Africa. Delegates representing 21 countries from around the world gathered and contributed valuable input, which will ensure that JVA maintains its position as a global leader of Electric Security Fencing and Monitoring Products.

JVA directors, Paul Thompson and Shaun Williamson, were extremely grateful for the active participation, the positive feedback and the innovative ideas received from the delegates. While every market has its own specific needs and quirks, one thing became clear: when it comes to security, consumers are looking for peace of mind and by providing a quality product at an affordable price, the JVA range meets the needs of these diverse market segments.

The markets in which JVA installers operate range from the hi-tech requirements of the Bank of England, countries’ military headquarters, mines, industry, and wildlife reserves, right down to small domestic properties.

JVA distributors service them all.

Delegates came from far and wide,…

…to be welcomed by Shaun and Paul…

…to the magnificent Zebula

conference venue…

…and at dusk they came out to play.

Some travelled in luxury…

…while the courageous

 quaddies roughed it.

…where it was work all day…

Timbavati Upgrades to the NEW JVA ZM50 with JVA Gsm

Last year we reported on the successes Timbavati Game Reserve was enjoying in counteracting Rhino poaching using the JVA ZM20 monitor.

Their next request was, “If we can subdivide the fence into 20 sectors would it be possible to subdivide it into 50 sectors?”

This really gave the boffins at JVA in Oz a challenge but they soon came up with the ZM50 and a system has already been installed at Timbavati.

It must be stressed that in order for these new multi- sector alarm systems to work effectively the fence line construction has to be top notch and the importance of good earthing cannot be over emphasised.

These are sophisticated products and not for the faint hearted, nor should an inexperienced installer try and install them.

JVA Z114 Energizer

The new JVA Z114 is a powerful, 14 Joule, single sector, monitored, Security Electric

Fence Energizer for wildlife control or farm security.


JVA ZLM4 Low Voltage Monitoring

The ZLM4 is a four-sector, programmable, low voltage, electric fence monitor that can be used as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with high voltage security electric fence energizers. When connected to the non-electrified wires of an electric fence it is ideal for splitting one high voltage zone into up to four low voltage monitored sectors.

The ZLM4 monitors a low voltage loop using intrinsically safe isolated ELV DC. It employs a continuity check for detecting open circuits, DC voltage level sensing to detect a short to ground, and pulse voltage sensing to detect a short to a line carrying high voltage ______

a fence energizer. The ZLM4 is compatible with all NA energizers and may be connected via a keypad bus network to other Z Series devices such as Perimeter Partol.

New Android Touch Keypad

The new JVA Android Touch Screen Keypad for the JVA Energizer Range provides the functionality of the existing LCD Keypad but with a more user-friendly interface.

New Clip on Warning Signs

The problem of warning signs unclipping in a strong wind has been eliminated by the inclusion of additional lugs on the sign.

Zammer Gate Handle

This ultra-durable twin hook design can be used in three ways:

  1. As a live hook for temporary fencing - the handle eliminates voltage while setting up and allows powering up with a single movement
  2. As an insulated hook in the temporary fencing - this removes the need to change handles when the power supply from a permanent live wire is unavailable and you need to connect to a portable energizer
  3. As a gate break

Dual channel Lightning diverter

The JVA Dual Channel Lightening Diverter is the must-have device when installing Z-Series Energizers in lightening prone areas. It provides protection for the energizers on both the Feed and Return fence wires, ensuring that a lighting strike on or near the fence, is safety diverted to the earth. It is two-stage protection can withstand a lighting surge of up to 2000Amps, limiting the voltage to the energizer to the energizer to an acceptable 15Kv.

New Product Release - Touch Keypad

The new JVA Touch Screen Keypad (PTE0230) combines the functionality of the existing Z Series LCD keypad with a more user friendly interface.

Boasting a menu driven programming interface for your devices, the new Touch Keypad offers Load and Save for common device setting and site configurations. Streamlining the site/device setup process.  

JVA Andriod Keypad upgrades

The revolutionary new JVA Android Touch Keypad launched last year has undergone number of upgrades and it can now take a JVA ZLM4 low voltage monitor and it can memorise ZM20 and ZM50 sectors. Existing users can have their keypads upgraded with these new Apps if necessary. For those suffering from Alzheimer’s – a reminder. The Android keypad is a graphical user interface, touch screen keypad for the JVA range. It provides a menudriven programming interface for devices. Each device can have its own unique setting, programmed from a drop-down list of possible values with names and descriptions of

each setting available. Installers will not have to refer to a manual to configure this device.

The Android provides a method of loading and saving site configuration, including device configurations, custom zoning names, individual user permissions and more. This means the ZM20 or ZM50 sector programming can be saved and recalled. Common setups can be saved quickly and reloaded into new

Devices. The Android Keypad generates maintenance alarms when the site is incorrectly configured, and alarms can be sent to the user via email or SMS utilizing the inbuilt Wi-Fi connection.

Real-time Monitor and Alarm

Fences going down? Wild dogs breaking through? Do you spend hours looking for the faults on your fence? JVA Technologies ZM20 Electric Fence Monitor works with any standard electric fence energizer* to power and monitor your electric fence. The ZM20 can be programmed to determine the location of any fault by splitting your fence into a maximum of 20 sectors. When a fault occurs the ZM20 will tell you which sector has a fault, enabling you to find and repair the fault faster.

In addition to siren and strobe switched 12V DC outputs, the ZM20 can also be connected to a PC using Perimeter Patrol software to enable real-time monitoring and historic reporting of fence faults.

*energizer must comply IEC60335.2.76 (or similar) safety standard. Maximum energizer supported 20 Joules. Maximum fence length 10km.  

Now Releasing Perimeter Patrol 5.2

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest upgrade to our ever popular Perimeter Patrol software.

PP 5.2 sees the much longed for addition of zooming, colour customisation and mapping icons. GPIO inputs have been enhanced with the development of input functionality to provide more flexibility in site design.

Perimeter Patrol provides PC-based supervisory control and logging for JVA security fence energizers and monitoring systems. A powerful, flexible and intuitive user interface is provided over a stable industry standard database structure.

ZM20 Fence Monitor Preventing Poaching

From October 2013 I have been working on a wireless and ZM20 project at Timbavati Game reserve.

This project encompasses game fencing as per attached map and monitoring the fences using our ZM20 monitor and IP cameras at strategic points.

Because of the distances, really bad cell phone signal and terrain challenges we decided to uses Wi-Fi communication and have installed five 12m towers on which we have installed our Wi-Fi equipment and IP cameras.

There are a total of seven ZM20 monitors connected to existing energizers. Each of the 7 fences are from 3km to 5,5km in length and consist of 6 and 7 live wires using a combination of triple, double and single offset brackets.

To sectorise these fences might sound easy but keep in mind that we are travelling in a game park where your average speed is 30km/hr! In addition you have terrain that needs a 4x2 or 4x4 vehicle. So to sectorise one section might take half a day because of travelling to the end of the fence for the midpoint then returning to setup sectors 1 onwards. Throw in travelling time to each station then a whole day is gone. We also have animal road blocks like elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, lion, etc that demands stoppage time and the weather plays its part too, as one part of the park may be bone dry but another part maybe drenched with heavy rain. With the rains the terrain can change drastically where even the best 4x4 vehicle gets stuck - you cannot put a time to your activities and plan ahead. You have to go out and hope that you get as much accomplished as the weather and the animals dictate.

Wi-Fi Communications

To setup the Wi-Fi equipment we take GPS coordinates of each station and plot them on a Garmin map source program that has a plug-in to Google earth.

We then look at the elevation profiles between all the stations to ascertain where the best locations for our towers and repeaters are - elevation profiles help us to see potential land obstacles and also work out differences in height between stations which then gives us an idea of how to position Wi-Fi equipment. We also have to make provision for trees.

At the wardens headquarters there are 3 more client PC’s with Perimeter Patrol that connect to the wardens PC which serves as the HLI server. Here one of the Wi-Fi masts is also located: giving us a point to point link between the repeater station and HQ that will serve as a data link or backhaul for the energizer and camera info. The game warden can now sit in his office and view fence voltages and see certain areas of the park. All rangers involved can now monitor the fences and cameras via their PC’s, Smart-phone or Tablet’s. The warden and his team are using the system extremely well and have scheduled maintenance based on the information from the ZM20’s. This also helps the game ranger’s response time as they now can go directly to the affected areas as per Perimeter patrol and reduce the time used patrolling to test if fences are operational. Thus they can now concentrate on the more important task of preventing poaching!

They have come to rely on the information from Perimeter Patrol, and are now looking into using the remote relay functionality of Perimeter Patrol to switch lights on/off and open the gates mentioned above. It is awesome to see how this technology works.

Remember this is all wireless in the bush!!

Vernard, South Africa, June 2014

Update: We have now been asked to install this system at the Kruger National Wildlife College.

IFSEC Trade Security Show - South Africa  2014

JVA South Africa launched multiple new products at this year’s Ifsec 2014 show at Gallagher Estate Conference centre in South Africa. The show as always was busy with over 200 exhibitors and over 30,000 trade clients through the exhibit. Along with multiple displays of existing products such as the JVA energizer range, JVA Perimeter Patrol and the JVA ZM20, twenty Sector security system, JVA had on display their new touch screen keypad as well.

High Quality Affordable Sliding Gate Contact

JVA's new in-line sliding gate contact for electric fences is tough, reliable and affordable. The contact can be installed to either create an alarm, or disconnect the gate from the fence circuit when the gate is opened.

The JVA in-line contact has large location plates providing a higher tolerance against misalignment meaning that it is easy to install. The design means that it can even be used as a swing gate contact.

Sold worldwide, and retailing at just AU$60 these JVA in-line gate contacts have already proved popular.

Coming to a Prison near you

Showcasing JVA's Z14 Security energizer in Bi-Polar mode with full lightning protection on both feed and return wires. The fence utilises 53 live strands and is supplemented by a little razor wire, making sure no-one can get in, or out for that matter.

That's what we call security!

Security Electric Fencing

Did you know JVA also sells Security Electric Fence energizers and Monitoring systems?

Our Internationally recognised Z-Series Security energizers are used for both Domestic and Industrial sites. The Z-Series can be connected into building alarm or access control systems and can be synchronised and networked.

Wth the ability to wire your security fence in either Standard or Bi-polar mode, you have full flexibility in site design. Furthermore, operating the energizer in Low Power Mode ensures your perimeter fence integrity is monitored while reducing shock potential to guests or staff. This ensures 24 hours of continuous perimeter security monitoring.

Lightning damaging your Energizers?

Lightning only has to strike in the vicinity of your fence to cause a voltage spike and damage your Electric Fence energizer. Now that storm season is upon us it is wise to install Lightning Diverters to protect your energizers.

Small, robust and weatherproof, JVA's easy to connect multi-stage Lightning Diverter handles surge currents of upto 3000 amps. JVA provides a three year warranty to protect you from the cost of energizer repair should the diverter fail or be hit by a damaging surge of lightning (registration of the energizer to be protected is required).

JVA - Find Faults Fast

JVA is proud to use the genuine Pakton Power Probe for our Fault Finder.

Displaying voltage, current flow and the direction to a high fence load, the Fault Finder will take you right to the fault. Waterproof, rugged and reliable; the Fault Finder is proudly Australian made.

Selling like hot cakes

The 'hottest' item on our store is the JVA Pulsar Electric Fence Light.

Requiring no batteries this robust, long lasting fence light lets you know that your fence is alive and ticking (or not).

Easy to use - there are no long wires to tangle up. Just attach the positive leg to the positive wire on your fence, and the earth leg to the earth - done!

With high intensity LED's the Pulsar is visable in day light. Available in Green, Blue or Red.

Perimeter Patrol Proves it’s worth at Timbivati

With over a hundred JVA perimeter patrol software systems now installed in South Africa, and with many other JVA PP installations around the world, our Perimeter Patrol is now a truly tried and tested veteran in the war against crime and poaching.

At Timbavati Private Game Reserve phase one is now completed with 7 ZM20 multi-sector alarms having been connected to the existing fence lines. The fence lines range from 3 to 7Kms in length and each length is sub-divided into multiple sectors.

The ZM20’s are connected to PAE212 TCPIP board wireless LAN transceivers and GSM Commander units. Some are also connected to an IP Camera and network switch.

At the warden’s headquarters there are client PCs with Perimeter Patrol and all rangers can now monitor the fence lines via their PCs, smartphones or tablets.

They can even take snap shots of animals, people and cars using the cameras installed at the ZM20 stations.

This is a truly impressive installation and congratulations go to Neil Maclin and Vernard Vertuin on their pioneering efforts.

All Jva Energizers are COC and LOA Compliant

Most installers are well aware that the new electric fencing act requires that an electric fence energizer has a valid Certificate of Compliance issued by an internationally accredited testing laboratory. However, what is not generally known is that it is also mandatory in South

Africa for all energizers, if they are to be sold legally in the Republic, to have an LOA (Letter of Authority).

The LOA is a document issued by the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Standards – the SABS’s ‘police or enforcement agency’).

The NRCS confirms that the Certificates of Compliance issued are indeed valid and that the public is not being duped with trumped up manufacturer’s claims and ‘home-grown’ computer generated certificates. All JVA energizers have been retested by Test Africa and all have been reissued with up to date COC’s and LOA’s making them fully compliant with current legal requirements.

For the record, a COC certificate is valid for five years and an LOA is valid for only 3 years.

(For a copy of a JVA CoC or LOA, email “Request copies of JVA certifications” to ndlovu@stafix.co.za )

Midi Comb-Tweeker

Mini Tweeker With Tension spring

A combination tensioner and strain insulator for square tube wall-top fencing. Made from glass filled nylon 66, this robust product is ideal for coastal regions where arcing can pose a problem.

Manufactured from glass filled nylon 66, this walltop accessory is already proving its worth.

New Flat Bar Bobbin Insulator

We will be launching a new, larger, flat bar insulator onto the market in January 2016. This is a stronger, aesthetically pleasing insulator with lengthened dual claws, making removal of the wire almost impossible. It has an additional oval disc to prevent arcing and a robust anti-twist back.

Look alike Passive Alarm Camera

In response to the high demand for a product of this nature, we now stock an 800TVL CCTV camera which looks just like a passive alarm.

Smile please, you’re on Candid Camera.

Despite the fact that the new South African electric fencing legislation has been in effect for over two years, there is still confusion as to what exactly these anagrams mean.

has been 1) tested by an internationally recognised test laboratory (in South Africa –Test Africa) and 2) certified that it complies with             all the specifications of the IEC/ SANS60335/76 requirements. An Energizer COC is valid for five years from date of issue.

Demystifying The Terms: Energizer COC, LOA, Registered Person.

New Bloemfontein Outlet

2016 saw a number of Stafix Electric Fence and Security outlets undergo facelifts with Bloemfontein going the whole hog and building an entirely new, very impressive premises.

Up north, Polokwane moved into more spacious premises while a number of other branches also upgraded their shops making them more customer friendly.

Coming up, an energizer with a side order of accessories and a dash of tea, coffee or juice.

While the Aussies seem to have lost the plot when it comes to cricket and the South Africans, when it comes to rugby, an Aussie and a South African certainly put the right game plan together when they merged Pakton Technologies and JVA into one entity. For years Pakton Technologies has been developing product for JVA and JVA have been marketing the range world-wide.

So it made sound sense to merge the two into one. In December this year Aussie, Paul Thompson, and South African, Shaun Williamson, sealed the merger. We look forward to this merger producing even more innovative products and enabling JVA distributors world-wide to be market leaders in the competitive world of security electric fencing.

JVA is proud to announce the release of their IP Energizer and IP Energizer app. With a JVA IP energizer controller app you’re in control of your fence from anywhere in the world. Unique to any other kind of fencing system available on the market, the JVA IP Energizers are an all-in-one device, meaning that apart from the energizer, no additional add-ons are required. Just grab your energizer and smartphone and get talking with your fence like never before.Using the latest in IP technology, the energizers work by sending alerts and updates to your phone through your Wi-Fi network, providing a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to other similar technologies such as GSM which relies on additional ongoing costs for maintenance and use. This Wi-Fi capability will first be incorporated in the JVA 8, 12, and 16 joule models, but in time will also be built into the smaller models.

JVA Launch their New Ip Energizer Range

JVA Launches solar Powered Energizer Range

Already a hit in Australia, JVA’s new Solar Powered Energizer Range will fill a gap in the SA market.

JVA 12A Solar Regulator For use on solar panels up to 200W; will operate with four common types of rechargeable batteries; sealed against moisture and ants.

The RSG1 is a portable 0.1 Joule electric fence energizer with a built-in rechargeable battery,suitable for strip grazing and any temporary fence applications up to 1km.

The RSG1 is packaged with both a 240V mains power adaptor and a 12V ‘cigarette’ adaptor to recharge it. It will run for over two weeks between re-charges.

RSG1 - Rechargeable Strip Grazer

The SV2 is a portable, solar powered, 0.2 Joule electric

fence energizer suitable to power approximately 2km of

fence wire or tape.

The SV2 has a high quality crystalline solar panel to ensure that the in-built battery will never run flat when placed in a sunny position.

SV2 - Portable Solar Powered Strip Grazer

SV5 – Solar Powered Electric Fence Energizer

The SV5 is a portable, solar powered, 0.5 Joule electric fence energizer suitable to power approximately 5km of fence wire or tape. The SV2 has a high quality crystalline solar panel to ensure that the in-built battery will never run flat when placed in a sunny position.

The JVA MB16 Energizer, in a new-styled case, includes an audible warning if there is a serious fault on the fence and JVA’s patented Auto-Synch Technology which makes electric fence lines safer than ever.

RSG1 - Rechargeable Strip Grazer


• Up to 22 Stored Joules

• Sleek styling, rugged practical design

• Mains or 12V Battery operation

• Auto-Sync (TM) Technology for

safer fences

• LCD shows fence voltage, stored

energy and battery voltage

• Power on demand (automatically

ramps up power when needed)

• Bi-Polar or conventional output

• Reverse battery protection

• Highly efficient and intelligent

digital design

• UV stable enclosure

• O-Ring sealed case for ant and

moisture protection

• Designed and manufactured in



The cloud router provides a portal to route communications between the administrators and owners of Security Electric Fences and their devices in the field. Devices are linked to the Cloud Router via Nimbus Gateways. GSM, LAN and Wi-Fi Gateways will be available. Administrators ‘claim’ their Gateways using unique code and from there gather the attached devices to a ‘site’. Devices attached to the Gateway can then be monitored and controlled.


• The GSM Unit can be controlled via the web page using a computer, laptop, or smart phone

• Logging into the site one can arm/ disarm any of the units anywhere in the world

• One is able to view the status of one’s energizers and monitors that are connected to the GSM

• No complications with SIM cards not working

• Able to monitor fifteen JVA devices

• The unit has two dry contact inputs and two relay outputs

• The status of each JVA Z range unit can be seen at a glance i.e. Armed status/Fence voltage/Battery voltage/


• Setting up is easy; simply tick the boxes

• Notification can be done via e-mail


In addition to our existing range of Square Tube and Wall Mount insulators, 2017 will see the launch of a new Cut- Away Ring Insulator with a one-way flap to prevent wires being easily unhooked from the fence.


Proving increasingly popular with wall-top installers, the JVA Midi- Tweeker insulator now comes in two options.


The new, reinforced, Mini Combo Tweeker can handle more wire, has had the spring hook arms reinforced and has longer spring grips with clear operating instructions moulded into the plastic.


Cloud Router


The new CP-PLUS COSMIC 4-IN-1 HD cameras are packed with the latest technology which allows the installer, at the push of a button, to switch between four different output modes!

Yes, you’ve read right! 4-IN-1

This means that it doesn’t matter if you have a Provision, Hikvision, Dahua, or even a cheap noname- brand, the new CP-PLUS COSMIC will be completely compatible. And there’s more: If you have a normal analogue DVR, you can now replace your cameras without having to replace the DVR with an HD DVR!

Features include :

* Plug-in and play

* Resolution up to 1080p/720p@25/50 fps

* Real time preview without latency or delays

* Equipped with fine LED’s for clearer night vision

* Compatible with HD’S, AHD, HDCVI, CVBS & HDTVI DVR’s









On the Melbourne Security Expo, Australia: Paul

Thompson, Paddy O’Brien, Shaun Williamson

Securex South Africa

On Kenya Security Expo: Ebrahim, Chris

Michael, Peter Hays, MD of Instarect

On Dubai Securex Show: D.J., Rehan and

Umhar (Pakistan) with Shaun

On Malaysia Securex: Shaun and BT Teoh

On Dubai Securex CP-PLUS was

a major player

Seen here hosting Amhir from Egypt are

Jaco, D.J. and Gavin

Shaun with Philippines

distributors Lian and Bailey

Game set and match : Merger Accomplished