Security Systems Solutions

JVA Technology’s electric fencing energizers and accessories provide tried and tested solutions for the agricultural, wildlife, equestrian and security markets.

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Remote Monitoring Solutions 

Using JVA’s Perimeter Patrol software JVA security systems can be integrated with CCTV, Beams, access control and internal alarms reporting real time condition of the security system.

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Agricultural Solutions

From portable battery/solar charged units for strip grazing kits to large mains/battery powered units for permanent farm fences, JVA has a model to meet your needs.

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Wildlife Solutions

Currently used in the war against poaching on most major reserves JVA monitored energizers are controlling game and providing rangers with an early warnings of incursions.

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Equestrian Solutions

JVA’s equine range provides a safe, effective and economical way of fencing off paddocks or erecting temporary camps when at locations with no holding facilities.

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Strip Grazing Solutions

Strip grazing is a method of pasture grazing management whereby animals are given controlled access to pasturage. They may be limited to the amount or the time they have access to the pasture. Either way, their intake is controlled and the pasture managed to reduce wastage and prolong and maximise production from it.

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Latest Technology


JVA Jumbo Range

The JMB series is the most powerful and feature rich electric fence energizer and monitor that JVA has manufactured to date.

This Range of Energizer and Monitor continues JVA's push for technical superiority in the area of Monitored Electric Fencing and IP Energizers®.

Jumbo Range


JVA Vibration Detection

The VM2 is designed to monitor one or two zones of Microphonic cable to enable the detection of an attempted breach of a perimeter by detection of the noise and vibrations.

The JVA VM2 is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing Microphonic Cable.

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Remote Monitoring Solutions

Perimeter Patrol™ runs on a standard Microsoft Windows PC

Perimeter Patrol™ adds PC connectivity, communications and control to your security electric fence, giving you the peace of mind that comes from being able to check that your fence is working wherever you are.

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Cloud Router Solution

JVA's Cloud Router™ provides a way for owners of JVA Security Energizers to monitor and control their electric fence setups from anywhere with an internet connection.

Note that either a Wi-Fi Gateway or Cellular Gateway is required to connect to Cloud Router™

Clour Router App

JVA Electric Fence and Security Solutions...

JVA designs and manufactures electric fencing products for perimeter security and livestock management.

Our goal is to provide the very best technology, quality and service to our customers worldwide.

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